This year has been full of amazing films from the Jaw-Dropping Dunkirk to the exhilarating thrill ride that was Baby Driver, 2017 has been a truly fantastic year for films. However, you might not have managed to catch everything hitting your local cinema so through my extensive list of films I’ve watched in 2017 I’ve picked 7 films that you may have missed in 2017.

“Chin up”


2017 saw the release and phenomenal success of the remake of Stephen Kings IT, Alexander Skaarsgards terrifying representation of Pennywise the clown shook the world but it wasn’t the only Major psychological thriller film on the market. In fact, at the exact same time as IT, Darren Aronofsky latest film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Mother! also saw a September release date. This harrowing tale of a mother who is taunted by a series of unexpected visitors turns awry very fast. What starts off as a relatively innocent film quickly turns horrifically graphics. Ripe with religious connotations, more metaphor’s than a Stanley Kubrick film and what can only be described as one of the most intense and shocking scenes I’ve seen in my entire life. If you are a fan of Aronofsky previous works (Black Swan, Requiem for a dream) you’ll love Mother! and you’ll be in for one of the most disturbing experiences of the year, it’s a treat…

Logan Lucky

“Oceans 7/11”


When you think of heist films you think of the Ocean’s trilogy, but the man behind all of those Steven Soderbergh is who you should really be looking out for. This year saw the release of his latest film, Logan Lucky, a high stakes action thriller starring none other than Channing Tatum and Star Wars’ Adam Driver. The plot centres around two struggling brothers who are looking to make a quick buck by robbing the world’s largest NASCAR race day. What follows is a series of hilarious, intense and incredibly well-made heist moments. While it may not revolutionise film, this is clearly a film made by someone who knows what he’s doing and loves his craft which makes it a joy to watch. What’s even more credible about this film is that it was a completely original idea, major studios wouldn’t fund the film so he funded it himself. He even credited the writing and cinematography credits on completely different pseudonyms even though it was all him. Hollywood consistently rejects new concepts and it’s a crying shame this film wasn’t as well-known as it should have been. However, it’s never too late to support a film and Logan Lucky is one that deserves some much needed attention.


“Bikini waxes have never been so disturbing”


Mark Kermode’s film of the year was the Belgian horror Raw, a film that the majority of people probably haven’t heard of but Id like to use this platform to scream about how good it is. Raw is a vile, uncomfortable, disgusting piece of film making that uses up every adjective in my vocabulary to describe its sheer horror. It’s every shot shakes me to the core, throughout my cinema trip I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw up. Seeing this with family was definitely an experience, but it was an experience I would never forget. The plot centres around a young girl who is going to veterinary school, she’s a vegan but upon being forced to eat raw kidney she quickly turns from vegan two incessant cannibals. To explain more would only ruin the experience at hand, this film is not for the faint of heart but if you can stomach it you’ll end up leaving with an unforgettable memory that will, unfortunately, stay with you forever.

Hounds of Love

“The things I do for love”


In 2016 the film that surprised me the most was an obscure New Zealand film starring Sam Neill called The Daughter, it was an intense family drama with some of the best acting of the year. I just happened to stumble across this film while searching through the film times at my local cinema and it just so happened the same happened again in 2017, Hounds of Love was a strangely wonderful film that did a fantastic job of standing out of the crowd. This very limited release Australian horror film stars Stephen Curry and Emma both as an unstable married couple who kidnap a young girl and brutally torture her. I was constantly torn between caring for the two kidnappers and hating them viciously. It’s a clearly fantastic portrayal of two mentally unstable characters who were deeply in love but are in love for all the wrong reasons. What tops this off is the fact it’s based on true events which just adds to the sheer tension and drama this film manages to curate.


The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

“Is that a new watch?”


Colin Farrell stars in the strangest films from The Lobster to In Bruges to the batshit insane The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. This film by the creator of the Lobster follows a man, Firth, whose family is cursed by a teenage boy he befriends. It’s nigh on impossible to explain what happens in the film because, to be honest, I have no real grasp on what I witnessed at all. Much alike every Yorgos Lanthimus film there is a heavy emphasis on metaphors and robotic dialogue. Everything is said entirely deadpan, dark and disturbing and vital lines of dialogue are said completely without any emotion only adding the obscure plot at hand. But I can’t deny the fact that it’s beautiful art style and fantastic cast both wowed and baffled me to a point of sheer wonder. If you want an arthouse film that will leave you more confused and disorientated than spinning in a circle for one week straight, this is right up your alley.



It’s not your fault”


On a completely different spectrum though is Gifted a story by the fantastic director of 500 Days of Summer, Marc Webb, and he brings a new love story, one of father and daughter (Technically Uncle and daughter but the line is heavily blurred). Gifted is about a child genius who’s whose parents died and left their daughter with the mother’s brother played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Evans goes into custody rights against the child’s grandparents as he wants the child to live a normal life while the grandparents want to use her potential to the fullest. It’s a truly moving a heart-warming tale, and one that’s completely owned by Chris Evans performance and it’s sure to leave most viewers with a few tears dripping down their face. Marc Webb is known for creating realistic worlds and getting the most out of everything on screen and Gifted is no exception to that. This is a film that too me has been thoroughly robbed of awards recognition and one that I recommend you check out as soon as possible.


“Translations are sacred”


Netflix has released their fair share of terrible original movies while excelling in TV they’ve never managed to quite land a critically successful original film besides the odd film that slips through (The recent failure Bright being the perfect example of that). Okja completely changes all of that. What can easily be categorised as a vegan propaganda film is, in reality, a true representation of the Horrors we witness every single day. As someone who was relatively uninterested in the concept of this film I found myself shocked with Okja as it has a heart bigger than any film released in 2017. Okja is about a super pig (named Okja) who is being harvested for food by a big corporate food company, however, the owner of the super pig refuses to let it go and as such a race against time ensues to save Okja from the Clutches of Evil. This sounds like a children’s film but it is far from it, the mature script heavily contrasts the child-friendly themes and the Japanese setting of the entire film brings in a very interesting culture change that only adds to the colourful world Okja creates. Okja is a frenzy of emotions and as an added bonus also features a huge eccentric cast, stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swindon mix seamlessly with the world at hand. Okja is a film that doesn’t ever force a message upon you but instead leaves you with the impression that you can do something about the problems it’s stressing and as such becomes a film that everyone should watch no matter your stance on the subject at hand.

So there we go, a list of films you might have missed in 2017, make sure to let us know if you managed to catch any of these or if there’s anything you think should have been on this list in the comments below!

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