Your Name is the latest movie by director, writer and artist Makoto Shinkai (Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voice).Your Name is the wondrous story about two strangers: Mitsuha Miyamizu, a teenage girl from a small village who’s tied to a boring life at school and who works at a family shrine; Taki Tachibana, a teenage boy who lives in busy Tokyo juggling studying at school with a part time job as a waiter. Their lives change as they swap bodies for a day a few times a week. This new twist allows them the freedom to act and do whatever they want using their different bodies as a disguise from their real selves. They soon learn the consequences they leave for each other as they disrupt their personas. Realising this is a problem, their bonds get stronger and closer as they communicate through leaving messages on each other’s phones and as they understand each others lives and struggles.

This movie plays with an interesting idea of being in somebody else’s shoes and it extends that idea to the fullest, showing the viewers the consequences of meddling in other people’s lives, as if their playing god’. But in contrast it shows a perfect image of how genders swap bodies and think differently, for example, Taki the boy acts with boyish manners when he swaps in Mitsuha’s body such as talking out loud, touching his newly acquired breasts in public view. This in turn lets Mitsuha wake up the next day back in her original body to face the repercussions of his actions, as her friends and family treat her in a weird manner due to how she acted yesterday, however she could not remember what Taki did in her body, thus leaving her confused and embarrassed. These repercussions are what allow the characters relationship to get stronger as they both struggle ‘getting along’, they relate with each other because they both suffer and experience the same situation. This movie also shows a in depth example of how both genders think differently as you can see them act differently in the opposite body.

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This movie is very interesting regardless if you’re new to anime or not. It attaches you to the protagonists that it starts making you hope they meet each other. The movie is a bit of a emotional roller coaster without taking any extreme routes for plot progression, the story isn’t typical or predictive which makes the movie unique and very fun to watch , especially if you’re not a fan of romance, the movie is very interesting playing with dreams and imaginations people have of being in another person’s shoes. The visuals and colours are one of the best without relying on CG animation and the movie feels like its own art masterpiece.

For a complex movie with a simple plot about body swapping, Your Name gets a 4.5 body swaps out of 5.

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