Not even an insane Cage/Travolta combo

Paramount Pictures is set on giving action thriller Face/Off a face lift, because apparently there’s nothing at all that won’t be remade or rebooted by Hollywood in the next few years.

John Woo’s 1997 film was by no means the best of its kind, but the insane premise and performances from Nicolas Cage and John Travolta made it something of a crazy cult classic. Travolta played FBI agent Sean Archer, who is obsessed with catching homicidal sociopath Castor Troy (Cage), the man who killed Sean’s son.

So, he does what any good FBI agent would (apparently) and undergoes a transplant surgery which removes Sean’s face and replaces it with Castor’s, meaning the agent can be sent into prison as Castor and find out the whereabouts of a bomb to stop an attack. Standard FBI practice.

However, his plan goes awry when Castor wakes up and takes Sean’s face, visiting the agent and taunting him by telling him that the face surgeons have been killed, and therefore he will have to live having the face of the one man he hates more than any other. Add to that the fact that Castor plans to go and bed Sean’s wife and take over his life, and all hell breaks loose.

The film was Woo’s biggest original hit, earning $245 million worldwide.

Now Paramount has set 22 Jump Street and Sonic the Hedgehog scribe Oren Uziel to write the reboot, with Neal Moritz producing and David Permut acting as executive producer.

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