As the gaming industry gears up to E3 2018, Bethesda’s news doesn’t end with the announcement of the forthcoming Fallout 76, as the company is also releasing a behind-the-scenes look at Bethesda’s inner workings, to be released just before the Expo.

Danny O’Dwyer and Noclip are experts at crafting video game documentaries, known for their extensive YouTube videos covering subjects like the history of the DOOM series, so they are an excellent choice to take on this project. With Bethesda promising a massive presentation at this year’s gaming expo, it is the perfect time for an inside look at this industry giant.

Though the game is currently shrouded in mystery, hopefully this documentary will shed some light on what fans can expect from Fallout 76, but it will also be an interesting insight for fans of the company behind Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and the latest Wolfenstein and DOOM titles.

To be released in two parts, the first half of the documentary will “go on a journey through the history of Fallout”, while the second half will delve into Fallout 76. It won’t just centre around the Fallout series, though, as Noclip has also promised that it will explore some of Bethesda’s other accomplishments, and what has made them what they are today.

The History of Bethesda Game Studios will air on June 5th, followed by The Making of Fallout 76, which will air on June 12th, the first day of E3. While both parts will be free via Noclip’s YouTube channel, you are welcome to make a donation via Patreon.

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