It’s a weird one, but why not?

Marvel Future Avengers, the somewhat strange children’s anime which has kids turning into members of the Avengers has been a huge hit in Japan, and now Disney is hoping to make it a bigger hit around the world by bringing the anime to their new streaming service, Disney+.

The concept of the show is certainly an odd one, but then again it is one designed for children, so it probably won’t be as sophisticated as most anime on the market. However, perhaps this is one of those times when something that sounds completely crazy actually works out well – remember, a Guardians of the Galaxy film sounded insane before James Gunn delivered his final product.

The series was dubbed for American audiences last year, so there’s a chance that casting for Season 2 (and possibly further) will continue now that the House of Mouse has seen enough promise in the series to add it to their ever-growing new platform.

Marvel Future Avengers is set to arrive on Disney+ on February 28th, so it will probably be on the streaming service when it arrives in the UK on March 24th.

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