An exodus of fans have descended upon SDCC to see the teaser trailers for not one, not two, not four…but f–three upcoming Marvel Netflix shows.

Hot on the heels of two blistering brutal seasons of Daredevil and an emotionally drawn out Jessica Jones are two more heroes to save the day and then the show that will bring them all together in a story nobody knows anything about yet. We can’t wait.


Finn Jones is the spiritual superhero that packs one mean and powerful punch. To most his past is mired in mystery and the opening shows that the writers are holding true to his story origins. We see a plane, a crash, a lone child survivor, Buddhist monks, lots of snow, a return and a powerful punch that sends a section of a wall flying across the street.

As a lifelong fan of Iron Fist and his mantras I cannot wait to see what fire Jones brings to Rand’s cool and calm character. Will his friend will an unbreakable will and skin make an appearance too?

While not seen in the trailer another ally, Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), a steely swordswoman and all-round badass, will join him in his crime fighting crusade.

Iron Fist will be released at some point next year.


Luke Cage comes off the torture he endured at the hands of a man in a purple tie on Jessica Jones and lands on his feet in his own series.

As seen here the man with unbreakable skin gives the smackdown on the hoodlums of New York to the sound of Old Dirty Bastard’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’. These criminals can lay down as much gunfire as they like on him it ain’t gonna leave a mark. Will this series mark the turning point in Cage’s life and career path to becoming a hero…for hire?

Luke Cage airs September 30th on Netflix.


This is the biggest teaser so far as all we see are strips of paper being torn away on a wall to show us letters from each of the heroes poster typefaces and sections of clues from various aspects of the dark heroes of Hells Kitchen, such as the front page of newspapers telling us of a ‘Devil on the streets’, a certain private detective agency, an infamous prison and a message enquiring as to the identity of a mysterious man, to reveal the word ‘Defend’ — all while echoing Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’.

This show will be both big and sort as it will run for 4 – 8 episodes but have, what we can only hope, be a massive and impacting storyline.

The Defenders will air in 2017.

If these trailers are anything to go by each show will be spectacular additions to the combined Marvel Cinematic Universe and hope the next phase of the television programming will bring more classic and loved characters to more viewers eyes.

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