Despite his teased appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, it seems that Adam Warlock hasn’t yet been confirmed for the third instalment of the hit franchise.

While Vol.2 received many good reviews, many felt that it lacked the spirit of the original film, finding the story somewhat lacking. However, the sequel still had enough of James Gunn’s trademark humour and action to satisfy the fans, and Gunn left a lot of easter eggs for us to find – arguably the biggest being the post-credit tease of Sovereign villainess Ayesha watching Adam Warlock’s cocoon, planning to (eventually) unleash him on the heroes.

This indicated that perhaps Adam would be the major villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, but Gunn has now confirmed via Twitter that there are no solid plans to use the character in the future – he doesn’t rule out Adam’s appearance, however he keeps expectations low:

Adam appeared in early drafts of Vol.2’s script, however despite the director’s self-confessed love for the character, Gunn decided that there were too many characters, and that meant someone had to go. He also revealed in an interview earlier this year, that the post-credit scene was almost cut, as Marvel were worried that fans would expect to see the character in Infinity War:

“I had to fight for Adam in the post-credits sequence. Because I really thought that’s where that should go. And I thought one of the main reasons to have the Sovereign in the movie was to give audiences the hint that Adam Warlock is coming. That was one of the reasons for them to exist. And I wrote that post-credits sequence in the first draft of the script. And then there were a lot of questions about whether or not we should put that in there, because people were going to expect Adam Warlock in Infinity War. So one of the things I promised – which I do all of the time on Twitter – is letting everyone know that Adam Warlock is not going to be in Avengers 3 or Avengers 4. It’s just not going to happen. Because I didn’t want people to have false expectations of what they thought was going to happen with Adam.”

While many fans will be disappointed that there are no definite plans for Adam Warlock in the future of the MCU, they should at least take comfort in the fact that Marvel is saving the character until the time is right.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 does not have a set release date, however Gunn has indicated that the next film will hit the screen in 2020.

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