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Last year when I attended EGX Rezzed I came across a great game called Adventure Box. It uses aspects of creating your own environment and using it like a role playing game. You create your world for free and share the level with other people to play for free.

You can create a world on the game using just an online web browser (no downloading required) or you can import a Minecraft map. This is a hand feature for all those minecraft builders who would like to utelise the worlds they have created for more than creepers stalking around.

eYou can Edit and insert items, sounds and even the weather and time is changeable. Design your own characters by mixing and matching parts. Decide how feisty/friendly, strong and fast they are. There are five races in total; human, dwarf, goblin, gnome and bugmen. adventure box

Apart from placing your characters into your world you can also place portals and link them to other worlds you have created. The main factor is you decide how your game is won ie. Whether that be by killing all enemies or reaching the goal flag…

You create your own game channel with a page and a leader-board for each of your games by default making a portfolio for all your worlds. Everything is published to and is playable by anyone, anywhere. With the ability to share games and game snapshots in Twitter, Google, Pinterest or Facebook.

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