Like any online experience which involves reward systems and lucrative item drops, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has something of an AFK farming problem. Seeing as some items dropped from the crates can be sold for a lot of money indeed, it’s no surprise that some players are taking advantage.

You see, in PUBG you earn Battle Points for merely playing the game, surviving. These points are used to buy crates but it seems that developer Bluehole are on the case. Speaking to PC Gamer on the matter, they said:

“We are aware of that thing happening and we have the team working to analyse what’s actually going on there. But from what we are aware of right now, we know that the portion of players that are AFKing just to earn BP isn’t that high as of now but we do want to create a tool or vehicle to prevent AFKers from just trying to earn BP and not actually play the game. It could be either just us adjusting the balance of BPs being earned for each game or, just from a structural point of view, preventing AFKs as a whole. We haven’t fully decided on the direction of that yet but it’s something that we will definitely be addressing.”

Recently, PUBG briefly overtook Dota 2 to have the most concurrent players on Steam, it seems this game shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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