Night School Studio, the team behind 2016’s excellent teen sci-fi adventure Oxenfree, have announced Afterparty, their new game set during a pub crawl through hell itself. The main goal of Afterparty is to out-drink Satan (okay, I’m in) and save your soul.

The game is set in hell which is made up of different districts of different faiths and a huge city built around the River Styx. The game leans heavily into its pub crawl setting, with the option to drink available throughout every decision made. Different drinks will grant different buffs and abilities (much like Jagermeister gives me the ability to punch through concrete).

In Afterparty you play as University students Milo and Lola, who suddenly find themselves dead and facing an eternity spent in Hell. The game will release in 2019, stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Night School Studio are the studio behind the excellent Oxenfree. The game centred around a group of angst-ridden teens who, after finding themselves trapped on a spooky island, begin to question reality itself as they are pulled into a mystery which has been unsolved for decades.

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