Microsoft have announced that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will release exclusively for PC on February 20. The game is a remake of the 1997 original and has been developed in tandem with the upcoming Age of Empires 4. The title was announced at Gamescom 2017 with many expecting that it would release on the game’s 20th anniversary. This of course did not happen but hey ho not too much longer to wait.

Microsoft have remade the game, adding in a number of improvements including:

  • Completely rebuilding assets for a modern 4K presentation
  • Letting you play online with Xbox LIVE (in addition to LAN play)
  • Re-recorded the original soundtrack with a new orchestral score
  • Adding campaign narration for every mission
  • Enhancing the campaign and scenario editor, which allows anyone to make original custom campaigns for the game, by letting players easily share them with other players around the world via

Players won’t have to wait too long to jump in though as Microsoft are running an open beta for the game starting January 29. You can sign up for the beta (please do so before 25th January) and get more info at They are letting an additional 100,000 players onto the beta so be sure to sign up fast.

You can check out the visual changes in images below but its safe to say that it has never looked better.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is a beloved RTS franchise which has been running for over 20 years now. Definitive editions of Age of Empire II & III are also on their way with a full sequel in Age of Empires IV recently announced at Gamescom also.

Are you excited to revisit one of the greatest games of all time? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out the Age of Empires IV announcement trailer below.


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