The developer of the cancelled “spiritual successor” to P.T called Alison Road told IGN in a exclusive interview that the project will continue according to Christian Kesler, creator of Alison Road.

Kesler discusses that the reason for the initial cancellation of the project (after the project was pulled from a Kickstarter campaign) was because of quarrels with former partnerships with Studio Lilith and Team17 (the teams behind the Worms franchise) which lead to the .

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Even though the main reason behind the Kickstarter campaign was to get more support for the project, Kesler describes that he is “confident in his ability to carry on Allison Road by himself” which confirms that the game’s development will revert back to being a solo project.

Could this become a setback, not having an immediate publisher? Not necessarily, as proven recently by Yang Bing when he recently showcased a trailer showing of his spectacular game Lost Soul Aside that was made only by him using Unreal Engine 4 in a span of two years. As yet, it is currently still in development.

How do you guys feel about the project being completed solely by Christian Kesler? Do you think he will pull off what he has promised for the project?

Check out the prototype video from Alison Road as well:

Missed the trailer for Lost Soul Aside? Check it out here:

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