J.R.R. Tolkien said that he began writing his Middle-Earth series with a map, and fittingly, Amazon has been promoting its upcoming The Lord of the Rings series by releasing a number of maps. While they caused debate between fans, their meaning has now been confirmed by the revelation of the setting.

“Welcome to the Second Age,” the official Twitter account for the series tweeted.

The Second Age is also known as “The Age of Númenor” which fans may recognize from the most recent of the account’s maps, showing the island of Númenor is shown in the bottom left corner.

This silences the prominent fan-theory that the series would focus on a younger Aragorn (played by Viggo Mortensen in Peter Jackson’s films) as the future ruler of Gondor was born during the Third Age, so we’re way too early for that.

It isn’t clear whether Númenor will be the major setting for the show, but it does answer some questions. The island is considered a mythic lost city of men in the world of Middle-Earth, established on an island in the Great Sea which had been destroyed thousands of years before Frodo and Aragorn’s time.

According to Tolkien lore, in the Second Age, it was said that the island was brought up from the ocean as a gift to men by the god of Middle-Earth, the Valar. After the kingdom later defied the laws of the deities, it fell.

The Second Age also saw the development of Rivendell, Sauron forge the dark Ring of Power, and the elves, men, and dwarves uniting to fight him for the first time. The period stretches over around 3,441 years, so Amazon has a lot of potential ground to cover.

More on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings when we have it.

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