You can tell it’s movie season when there are posts galore on upcoming fratures and remembering those from yesteryear.

The first image from the upcoming Aquaman movie has been released and it is of its leading lady Amber Heard as the eponymous hero’s warrior woman, Mera.

Heard has deft grace in her stance and poise that gives her performances the strength every picture needs – and this does exactly that — in one still!

Fans are hoping that this is one film that’ll be able to hold its own without an overload of CGI to give its character.

Let’s hope that Snyder and company do not deliver another vomitous mess like Pleb of Steel or Dawn of Nonsense. What we are most hopeful for is that in a film where the heroes and villains of the picture will include the likes of Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta (that we know of so far) Captain Birdseye will also make an appearance as a mean fisherman who tries to bait (geddit?) the ocean-folk with his frozen delicacies wrapped in breadcrumb-y goodness.

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