Just days after his Comic Con absence amid an investigation of sexual assault allegations, AMC had cleared Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick to return as host of Talking Dead, the accompanying discussion programme to the network’s hit zombie show.

AMC said in a statement this week, “Following a comprehensive assessment by AMC, working with Ivy Kagan Bierman of the firm Loeb & Loeb, who has considerable experience in this area, Chris Hardwick will return to AMC as the host of Talking Dead and Talking with Chris Hardwick. We take these matters very seriously and given the information available to us after a very careful review, including interviews with numerous individuals, we believe returning Chris to work is the appropriate step.”

With the network set to take the stage at the Television Critics Association on July 29th, this is clearly a step to ensure that their session would not revolve around the status of Hardwick’s employment.

Previously, frequent Talking Dead guest Yvette Nicole Brown (who took over Hardwick’s SDCC duties) was set to host Talking Dead on its return. However, now Brown will only be hosting the TWD Season 9 preview special, with Hardwick returning to his role for the August 12th premiere of the talk show after the return of Fear the Walking Dead.

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