Season 1, Episode 4: “Git Gone”
Starring: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Chris Obi, Demore Barnes, Dane Cook, Betty Gilpin

Hopping back in time, Laura recalls the moment she met Shadow while alive to the first moment she meets him when she is dead. Their love grows, plateaus and ultimately ends. Only in life though. Despite her flaws and questionable disposition Laura is a fighter, clambering her way to get back into Shadow’s life.

Deceptively opening to Egyptian hieroglyphics, we go back in time to when Laura was still alive and a blackjack dealer. Shadow introduction and subsequent story mirrors Ricky Whittle and Emily Browning‘s palpable but subtle chemistry together.

Their meeting is convincingly genuine, like those that happen occasionally and hold the potential for more. That evening, Shadow offers her partnership in robbing the casino but in the fashion of true and unrequited love they end up spending the night together, complete with music,  mood lighting, and camera angles that infuse youth and enthusiasm. With one loving gaze after another, and shots focused on close-up’s and scenic images from afar, their romance blossoms. If you didn’t know what kind of show this was you’d be mistaken from this review that it was an erotic novel.

However, the tone swiftly changes to the tune of Queen of the Bored by Brian Rietzell. Laura’s visible exhaustion at work and boredom at home as time goes on shows as she sits Shadow down and tells him she’s no longer happy, insisting on something drastic to feel fulfilled. Shadow remembers her as she first was to him – an angel. Yet, what she really feels is conflicted, misguided and manipulative. Just like a real angel. Still, knowing he would do anything for her, she explains her plan to rob the casino. He is, of course, dumbfounded. This is something he proposed to her when they had barely just met, almost in passing. Here she is after they have been together for about four years, proposing the same thing. Remember the

Despite Laura’s promises of a fool-proof plan, the inevitable happens. Shadow gets caught. During prison visitation, Shadow insists on Laura not going to prison and asks if she can wait for him. Oh poor, naïve Shadow. We know what actually happens. Some time later, Shadow’s friend Robbie comes over to help Laura, and their affair begins. ’cause that’s what good friend do (this is called sarcasm).


Closer to the time of Shadow’s release Robbie is pushing for Laura to leave him as he promises to leave Audrey. Laura rebuffs him but what was the her motivation for this affair in the first place? Something to remember when she was old. Again, a drastic solution to temporary boredom, now true to her self-destructive character. Laura’s narcissism and compulsion compounded with blissful ignorance and well-meaning make it easy to believe why she acts the way she does, all testament to Emily Browning.

Observing the wreckage of the accident, Laura finally faces the full consequences of her bad decisions, finding herself surrounded by a desert that we have seen before. If you recall, she worked at an Ancient-Egyptian-themed casino and dealt cards emblazoned with Anubis’ name, thus exposing her to his existence. While in the desert, she comes face-to-face with the god of the afterlife himself. Their amusing exchange does not last long, as she is pulled from his realm before he gets a chance to weigh her heart against a feather.

Back in our world, Laura crawls out of her grave and follows a bright light, stumbling upon another place we’ve seen before, following Shadow’s meeting with Technical Boy. She is not only supernaturally back from the dead but turns out to be a heck of a fighter of incredible strength. Almost godly, you could say. Zombie Laura shows more devotion to Shadow in death than she ever did in life. The use of colour to show how her vision has changed is also effective; a glowing brilliant orange surrounding Shadow, and everything else in black and white, emotionless.


While Laura is attempting to sort out arm trouble (you know, dead people problems), Audrey stumbles upon her and reacts how most of us would if we saw a dead friend in their house walking and talking as if they were not dead. It is pretty comical how mundanely Laura goes about her business while Audrey is absolutely losing it, not at all bothered by Audrey’s confrontations about her and Robbie’s affair. Total drama-fest.

Although very different to the episodes preceding it, this episode was rich, intriguing and full of the unreal. Laura is a force of the supernatural as much as any other presence in Shadow’s new reality.  She is a woman who felt many emotions, made some questionable decisions and got the last chance to find some redemption.

RATING: 9 out of 10

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