Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp the latest Nintendo mobile game has finally been given its worldwide release date. Announced via the official Animal Crossing twitter the mobile version of the hit franchise will release on November 22nd, 2017.

The game launched in Australia a few weeks back, but it’s not until now that the rest of the world will finally be able to play Animal Crossing on the go. The game sees you build and personalize a small campsite, as opposed to the large towns of the previous entries, by collecting materials to craft items to decorate your camp. As always, everyone’s least favorite Racoon Tom Nook will be on hand to let you spend money to shorten crafting time by buying the game’s new, in-app purchase currency; Leaf tokens

Other than the change of location, the game seems to be pretty similar to a regular Animal Crossing game, you can befriend other citizens, have your friends visit you, travel around the island you live and much more. Whether this will be as popular as the previous Nintendo licensed mobile games is yet to be seen, but the hype surrounding its release point it in the right direction

Animal crossing: Pocket Camp releases on both Android and IOS on November 22nd

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