Greetings fellow Animal Crossing friends, Nintendo have today rolled out their shiny new update to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp which brings a bunch of cool features.

First of all, players can now hone their skills as a gardener following a garden update located to the far left of the camp. Cultivate flowers to add a bright touch to the campsite and water other players’ gardens to show your appreciation.

Also now available is the option to change your gender which may seem like a small addition for some but definitely adds more versatility and overall inclusion to the game.

You can now take screenshots of your happy little camp and share them with friends on social media which will no doubt appeal to those who are particularly proud of their own little corner of the Animal Crossing world.

As well as the official announcements regarding the update, some keen players have also data-mined the game’s files and spotted some extra additions which we assume will follow very soon indeed. The news comes via users on the game’s Subreddit, detailing animal icons for your camp and a new warning for when you’re about to create a duplicate item.

It seems that 4 new characters are also on their way. Ava, Boots, Sprinkle, and Static are all joining Pocket Camp with complete portraits available for each. Players will now be able to send friend requests via a text message.

More stretch goals have been added too, with the full list as follows;

Catch a rare creature.

Catch “x” rare creatures.


Harvest flowers “x” times.

Water some flowers.

Water flowers “x” times.

Cross-pollinate flowers.

Cross-pollinate flowers “x” times.

Share a rare creature you caught with a friend.

Share a rare creature with a friend “x” times.

Craft a piece of clothing.

Craft “x” pieces of clothing.

Be sure to head over to the game’s Subreddit for more future updates including details on upcoming events and even a slot machine which is soon to be added to the OK Motors area.

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