EA has had its fair share of drama over the last few years. Some of this has been tied to BioWare, specifically BioWare Montreal who after releasing the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda were absorbed into the EA Motive studio. It seems that there is a cautious trepidation surrounding BioWare’s next project Anthem. Speaking to Kotaku, three employees noted that the studio is doubling down on Anthem, understanding that their performance on the game will determine it’s immediate future.

Currently, BioWare have teams working on a new Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic and Anthem. It seems that the studio is pooling its resources to focus on the online shooter, although things are going less than peachy. As reported by Kotaku, the development team are running into issues with EA’s Frostbite engine. The engine was built for the Battlefield series but has been notoriously difficult to apply to other projects. The article notes that the attitude towards Anthem at the studio ranges from “this game is screwed” or “game development is really hard,”.

It’s clear that both BioWare studios, Edmonton and Austin, are focused on Anthem above all else with Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah even being moved over to the project. The delay probably comes as a surprise to no one given that we’ve heard very little about the game so far. Let’s hope that the game turns out okay though as it would be a great shame to lose BioWare because the game fails to perform.

Controversies with Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront have shed a light on the focus of big studios being shifted to games with longer revenue cycles. Microtransactions, loot boxes and games as a service are all becoming the norm so it is likely that Anthem will follow suit. What we have seen from the game looks cool at least, you can check out the E3 reveal trailer below.


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