“Diaz has already beaten you, and you don’t even know it.”

The walls are closing in for Oliver (Stephen Amell) as he finally comes to realise just how much of a hold Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) has over his city, however, in an episode which deals with so many revelations, not much actually seems to happen.

On a mission to take down Diaz, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) gathers together the only cops she can trust aren’t corrupt – which turns out to be about six guys – and scopes out his business associates. Finding that our old friend Anatoly (David Nykl) is making deliveries through a market, she sets up a plan to ambush him, but to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, she must allow Oliver and John (David Ramsey) to join them as back up. However, things are still very frosty between Dinah and her former leader, leaving Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) to break up their quarrelling like the two are warring siblings.

arrow brothers in arms 6

Though the group arrest Anatoly, this week sees Oliver finally notice that something fishy is going on inside his government, when DA Armand (Pej Vahdat) rules that the charge against Anatoly cannot stand, because of reasons. With the DA ruling against the mayor’s decision, and SCPD’s Captain Hill (Tina Huang) turning on Dinah for putting together an operation without liaising with her, it is finally proven that the two are in Diaz’s pocket, and with Anatoly confirming that Diaz has people everywhere, in all levels of government, it seems as though there is nowhere left for Oliver to turn.

Things just go from bad to worse for the hooded hero, as Oliver must finally tell John that he doesn’t intend to give up the hood, and therefore he won’t be entrusting what’s left of the team to his friend. Understandably, this rubs John up the wrong way, and causes friction between the remaining Team Arrow members. However, all hell breaks loose when a mission goes awry, pitting John and Oliver against each other, some difficult truths are brought forth. As the two argue, it’s difficult not to side with John, as he makes some very good points – one being that Oliver doesn’t back a play unless it is his own – which we have seen time and time again, especially during this season, when the team has found that it is either Oliver’s way or the highway.

arrow brothers in arms 2

On top of this, when John has a heart-to-heart with Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) he realises that the reason he is so angry at Oliver for what has happened since Prometheus blew up Lian Yu, is because he believes that if he were the group’s leader instead of Oliver, these things wouldn’t have happened. Which could well be right, as a lot of these unfortunate events have occurred due to things Oliver either did when starting out as the Hood, or decisions Oliver has made in the years since. The two come to blows, with each man (as well as the Arrow Cave) taking a beating, and with all the testosterone flying around the bunker it’s no wonder that John decides that he has had enough of being on Oliver’s team. Oliver needs to start coming up with some heartfelt apologies quick, or else Team Arrow will literally just be the Green Arrow – even Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) might leave if he carries on like this.

Elsewhere, things are getting slightly complicated for Curtis (Echo Kellum) and his new boyfriend Nick (Evan Roderick) when the newbie reveals that he hates vigilantes, just moments before finding out that Curtis is Mr. Terrific. Not a smart move to wear your costume underneath your clothes, Curtis. However, when Nick drops by to reveal that Hill fired all of the non-corrupt cops, as a parting gifts to the SCPD, he, Dinah, and Curtis may have to band together in order to stop Diaz from reaching further into the city’s government.

arrow brothers in arms 5

This isn’t the only problem to arise from Oliver firing the corrupt officials, as Hill and Armand take their case to the media, insisting that they have been wrongfully dismissed because they were getting too close to finding out that Oliver is indeed the Green Arrow.

So, what now? Oliver has next to no team left, the media are questioning his real identity, and it seems that he may finally be realising that he has been juggling too much, leaving his two lives to collide in a fight that may destroy everything he has worked for.


As we find ourselves approaching the end of Season 6, the team has been destroyed, and it seems that all hope is lost for Oliver. However, they seem to have done very little to even slow Diaz down, aside from destroying his supply of Vertigo. As well as this, we’ve barely seen Diaz do anything himself – so hopefully, we will see more of what this villain has planned for Oliver and the team, instead of just seeing others do his dirty work.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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