Earlier this year FFXV  tipped its magic-imbued hat to the Assassin’s Creed series by donning its characters in Assassins hoods and sending them off to take part in an Assassins Festival. Now then, it seems like the right time for Assassin’s Creed to return the favour and it seems that it is doing so with style.

As detailed on the AC Origins blog, a new quest has opened up in the Giza region. Ubisoft aren’t giving any more details on the new Final Fantasy themed quest for risk of spoiling it but we do know it is available now and players can trigger it by entering the correct region.

We do know one of the rewards however, and it is awesome. Players who complete the quest will be rewarded with a Chocobo-themed steed, seriously look at this thing.

Assassin's creed origins final fantasy

Be sure to check out the new themed event and let us know what you thought of Assassin’s Creed Origins in the comments.

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