The cast of the untitled Avengers 4 and Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Marvel Studios have assembled in a video to support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Featuring Zoe Saldana in full Gamora make-up, with fellow actors Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly (both in their new supersuits), Karen Gillan’s stunt woman in Nebula make-up, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, directors Joe and Anthony Russo and more, the casts pledge a Day of Giving.

Saldana takes the lead, speaking on behalf of the group:

“Hi, everyone. I’m Zoe Saldana standing here on behalf of our Marvel community. My colleagues. My actors. My crew. My producers. My directors. And we are sending a message of support and courage to all those families being affected by Hurricane Harvey and in the city of Houston. We just want to send a message out to everyone that whatever you can do to help please go online, go to the, go to any ABC network and donate anything you can to a dollar to five dollars, toilet paper, towels, anything you can to support those families that are being affected today.”

Watch the video below:

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