Avengers: Infinity War’s presales are more than the last seven MCU movies combined – including Black Panther.

While Marvel Studios are putting the finishing touches on their most ambitious film since the MCU began a decade ago, every morsel of information that is released suggests that Infinity War is going to be huge in every way – and the presales, it seems, are following this trend.

The film’s projected box office opening in the US is more than $200 million, and there’s no doubt that Marvel are set on the worldwide opening as well, given the film’s same-day release across the globe. Tickets went on sale when the second Infinity War trailer was released online, and it only took the film six hours to break Black Panther’s 24-hour presales record.

In the weeks following that trailer’s release, Infinity War has not lost any momentum, and The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the details of the film’s record-breaking presales, and how they stack up against the most recent Marvel offerings. Selling twice as many pre-release tickets than Black Panther, it only gets more shocking when THR shared that the presales figures for Infinity War have now surpassed the figures for the last seven MCU films combined.

Black Panther opened with $202 million, so the very fact that Infinity War is doubling its presales is crazy, and while this doesn’t mean that the film will open with north of $404 million in the US, it does show that the anticipation for Infinity War is far above its predecessors. Projections of a $215 million opening are far more likely, but with Marvel’s TV spots yet to hit screens, there will only be more tickets sold in advance of the release.

Really, it’s no surprise that this film is outselling those before it, as this is exactly what the team-up is designed to do, bringing together fans of the Avengers, the Guardians, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and so on. While there are fans who have seen all of the Marvel films, there is also a section of fans who will only follow certain franchises, so combining heroes also means combining fans.

There may still be much about Avengers: Infinity War that is secret, but it is no surprise that the film will be a box office hit when it comes to theatres on April 27th.


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