Oh good, another reboot.

NBCUniversal is preparing to launch its own streaming service (because who isn’t right now?) to be called Peacock, and the company are planning a series of reboots based on their library – including a return for sci-fi classic Battlestar Galactica.

The reboot, being billed as original series, is set to come from Mr. Robot and Homecoming executive producer, Sam Esmail.

Nothing much has been revealed about the premise, but Deadline has heard that Esmail is a big fan of Battlestar and told the top folks at NBCU that the series was high on the list of projects he wanted to tackle as part of a huge four-year deal he closed with NBCU’s Universal Content Productions earlier this year.

NBCU’s Universal produced the original Glen A. Larson series for ABC, as well as the successful Ronald D. Moore revamp which ran from 2004-2009. Deadline also reported that Esmail has been in touch with Moore, who gave the producer his blessing to take on the franchise.

A rough idea for the premise was revealed in the report, which reads: “In the seventh millennium A.D., in a galaxy very far away, a thousand-year-old war rages: that of humanity versus the Cylons, a mechanical race of beings. When the humans’ twelve planets are destroyed by a Cylon invasion force, the survivors flee in 220 spaceships following the Galactica — a gigantic battlestar spaceship — in a search for a “thirteenth” planet, an obscure little world known in folklore as “Earth.””

More on the Battlestar Galactica reboot when we have it.

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