Bethesda Softworks has released a teaser for their newest Fallout game, Fallout 76.

After teasing an announcement for an entire day, through a stream Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard introduced a new game, explaining that more information would come from this year’s E3.

While it isn’t entirely clear what kind of game Fallout 76 will be, several sources have reported that it will be an online survival RPG, along the lines of Rust or DayZ. According to Kotaku, Fallout 76 will still have quests and a story, as well as base building and “survival-based and multiplayer mechanics.” Although, Kotaku has also explained that the gameplay is “rapidly changing.”

The titular Vault 76 has been mentioned in previous Fallout games, as a “control vault” containing 500 occupants. However, it seems that Vault 76 doesn’t involve any of the cruel conditions that many of the series’ other Vaults are known for.

It’s not clear where Vault 76 is located, but many are speculating that the song used in the teaser – “Take Me Home Country Roads” – gives a hint with its mention of “West Virginia.”

Bethesda have also released some teaser images for Fallout 76, which you can check out below:

fallout 76 1

fallout 76 2

fallout 76 3

fallout 76 4

As well as this, IGN’s Jordan Oloman spotted what could be the time in which this game is set – October 27th, 2012 – which would place Fallout 76 canonically before every other Fallout game:

Stand by for more on Fallout 76.

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