A key part of EA’s E3 2018 press conference, highly-anticipated game, Anthem finally got a trailer that gives us our first look at the new BioWare title.

As well as this trailer, fans also got the opportunity to have a brief look at one of the game’s missions in action, a huge turnaround for the company that, on the run-up to the event, had been near-silent on the upcoming game.

There were also some interesting reveals about the title, and the story, with Anthem being set in a world that has been left unfinished by the gods themselves. But, these gods left behind their giant tools of creation, which is leading to the major conflicts within the game. A villainous group called the Dominion is attempting to use a powerful force – the Anthem of Creation – to destroy what remains of society, while the player fights to stop them.

This will lead to some interesting changes in the game for players, as BioWare has promised a world that is constantly reshaping, with a mutating enemy army to fight. Players will act as freelancers tasked with protecting the people of Tarsis, with help from their highly powerful Javelin suits, and a multiplayer system that BioWare has described as “our world, my story.” This means that while a large aspect of the game is based around cooperative missions, each player’s story will feel unique to them.

A major difference between Anthem and other BioWare titles, is that no NPC’s will join the players on missions, as instead teams will be made up of different human players. BioWare did say that the game can be completed in a single player format, however there’s clearly a focus on the online multiplayer aspect, as the game requires a constant internet connection. Although, at the time of launch, Anthem won’t involve every multiplayer eventuality, as it will not be release with a PvP mode.

There are plenty of choices for players to make, as they’re given four different options for their exosuits: Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm. The Javelin suits change the way the game is played – for example, the Colossus suit is used for heavy weaponry. As with the Destiny games, having a balanced mis of Javelin suits will clearly be a benefit in missions, and with a maximum team size of four, having one of each will probably be the best route.

A fluid gaming experience with an action-heavy focus, Anthem looks as impressive as fans had hoped, and you can pre-order Anthem on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 now, ahead of its February 22nd, 2019 release date.

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