Black Lightning is back in action, as seen in the new origin trailer for the CW’s newest DC superhero series.

Following the release of a brief teaser which aired during last week’s Arrowverse crossover ‘Crisis On Earth-X’, there’s now a longer trailer that goes a little deeper into what we can expect from the upcoming series, in terms of tone, action and style. We get a pretty good look at the titular character’s suit, his powers and his reasons for picking up his super-mantle again, when the show begins.

In just 40 seconds, the trailer lays the groundwork for this new hero – Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) has not been active as Black Lightning for years, working as a high school principal. A voice-over poses all the questions you would expect about why Jefferson is returning to his role.

A new threat is coming, and he begins to feel the need to protect his family, and his city, once more. And so, we see Jefferson set aside his jackets and ties in favour of gauntlets and leather boots, as he steps back out on the streets to fight crime: “Black Lightning is back.”

Based on the content, it seems that the first season of the series is going to be action-packed – Cress Williams looks amazing in the suit and we see that Black Lightning is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as well as having the ability to project bolts of electricity.

There’s also a brief glimpse at two of the season’s big bads – Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III) and Syonide (Charlbi Dean Kriek) – as they walk menacingly together down a staircase. In the comicbooks, Whale is a powerful crime boss and Black Lightning’s archnemesis, while Syonide is a professional hitman. Where they fit in remains to be seen, and the only deviation from the comics is that Syonide is a woman in the CW series.

Black Lightning is set to premiere on January 16th.

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