You’ve dated pigeons, you’ve dated daddies – now get ready to date weapons. Boyfriend Dungeon, a game developed by Kitfox Games, is a part dungeon crawler, part dating sim/visual novel that features a variety of weapons for you to virtually pursue as you hack and slash – or “shack-and-slash” your way through dungeons to rescue other weapons and “level up your love”.


You deepen your relationship with your weapon of choice both in and out of battle, as you use them to not only slice through your enemies, but take them out on dates and get to know them in their human form. The designs shown so far seem to be cleverly integrated into the characters themselves and opens up a whole range of possibilities in terms of weaponry that could be added in the game.


The dungeon portion of the game has polygon-esque graphics whereas the visual novel aspect takes a more traditional approach with 2D graphics. The combination of the two seems very mismatched but works at the same time, as it gives the game a very western-style approach to a genre that is more common with JRPGs.

The trailer showcases some of the gameplay and three of the weapons you can romance: AJ the Talwar, Valeria the Dagger and Isaac the Epee – with many more weapon silhouettes being teased as they flash by quickly, such as a cat possibly personified as a cutlass, showing that despite the title, the game is not limited to just male love interests. Best of all, the trailer uses a really catchy song and contains a lot of game and weaponry puns so here’s hoping that it means there will be an amazing soundtrack and a lot of puns that will take the niche to the max.


Boyfriend Dungeon is still in development and is set to be released on PC in 2019 but you can follow the progress on their twitter.

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