Activision are set to take Call of Duty back to its roots this November, but it certainly isn’t scrimping on modern features. The game will launch with a brand new social space called “Headquarters”.

In terms of what to expect, think Destiny’s Tower social hub, with players sharing an area where they can interact and compete in activities. Players can compete in the 1v1 pit, while others spectate the brawl from afar. There’s also a firing range to compete against each-other in and even a movie theatre where players can catch the latest eSports matches. There’s an AA gun-manning mini-game where players compete in shooting planes out of the sky and the ability to prestige in front of everyone, nice.

You can get a glimpse of what is on offer in Headquarters in the trailer below. Call of Duty WW2 launches November 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The beta test goes live for those who’ve preordered the game on PS4 from August 25-28, and on PS4 and Xbox One from September 1-4.

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