Hulu has renewed horror series Castle Rock, based on the novels of Stephen King, for a second season.

The series, from King and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions boasted one of the most successful launches for a Hulu Original in both reach and consumption.

Castle Rock is one of many original series on Hulu, as the streaming service begins to focus more heavily on attracting subscribers to compete with Amazon and Netflix.

Randy Freer, Hulu’s CEO has talked about focusing more on quality than quantity of its shows, investing in fewer projects, but higher impact ones. This is in an effort to match more series like the Emmy-nominated Looming Tower and Handmaid’s Tale, rather than offering up a wider variety to match Netflix’s original content spending.

Freer told CNBC in June, “We’re not going to make 800 shows. I mean, next year we’ll probably make 20 or 25. And it’s important to us to make big, impactful shows that delight our customers, that are relevant and entertaining and have cultural conversations going.”

Castle Rock is an original story built up from the mythology and intimate storytelling of King’s best-selling works, and named for the fictional town that features prominently in King’s stories, the series weaves together themes of dark and light in a small town and its inhabitants.

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