Meowke way fur Cat Quest, an epic tail where you claw your way through the Cativerse and save the catizens from utter catastrophe.

Cat Quest is an open world RPG by The Gentlebros, where you journey through Felingard to defeat the “meowsterious and pawerful Drakoth” and rescue your sister. You traverse the lands on the overworld map itself in a top-down view with pop-up 2D graphics that fit the story book-esque tale of a hero’s quest.


The game is said to be heavily inspired by Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Skyrim according to the developers, and the inspiration is clearly there – with the protagonist having a guardian spirit reminiscent of Navi, the huge battle between Cats and Dragons and having the mark of the ‘Dragonblood’. All in all, the game can be seen as a loving parody of your average hero quest – except with the motifs and heavy emphasis on the cat puns. Overlooking all of that, it still is a polished game, with smooth controls and animations, great visuals and it has a very immersive world that you can get into without feeling too overwhelmed.

The game is already out on iOS and Steam and will also be out on Android and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

But for PS4 users, Cat Quest will be out on November 10th in EU and November 14th in NA.

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