Rise to become the hero of the Neox Sector, a deadly fringe world terrorised by ruthless crime bosses and their henchmen in Manticore: Galaxy on Fire, the first-person action game from Koch Media and Deep Silver, new to Nintendo Switch.

While the core premise of the game is, for the most part, flying your spaceship and shooting at enemy spaceships, Galaxy on Fire is a far more nuanced and precise experience, which takes easy-to-master controls and allows the player to perform impressive manoeuvres to wow their enemies. With the left and right analogue sticks acting as your flight controls and the shoulder buttons operating the weapons systems, this game uses the Switch in a way that combines the best of modern and retro gaming.

The campaign is split into three lengthy acts, with a solid plot that is only enhanced by the quality voice acting for each of the game’s characters. There is a total of nine different ships for you to pilot, divided into the categories of fighter, scout and gunship, and the factions Terran, Nivelian and Vossk. Each vessel has different ratings for hull, energy, shield and missiles, each of which can be more effective against certain enemy crafts.

Combining a number of missions, Galaxy on Fire does its best to keep players guessing what’s around the corner, motivating you to move forward not only to further the plot, but to find out what the next mission has in store. Many have compared the feel of the game to that of iconic sci-fi series Babylon 5, and it’s easy to see why. With exquisite balance of lush graphics and stellar sci-fi elements, one of the most wonderful parts of this game is the visuals. Running at an impressively smooth 60fps, thanks to its move to Switch, you will be thankful of the ‘Action Freeze’ mode that pressing ‘+’ takes you into, which allows you to fill your Switch photo library with screengrabs from any angle.

It has been around a decade since Galaxy on Fire began in the mobile market, and this move to Switch has meant nothing but good things for the game, as the new technology has brought with it a clarity and precision that the mobile version simply couldn’t achieve.

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire is available now on Switch for £17.99/$19.99. To find out more, check out the Galaxy on Fire website, here.

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