If you were a child of the ’70s and ’80s and spent much of your time watching television one of the shows you couldn’t escape was a simple story of two police officers of the Californian HIghway Patrol (geddit?), their lives and crime busting activities.

CHiPs starred Eric Estrada as the rambunctious and stubborn Frank “Ponch” Ponchorello and Larry Wilcox and Jon Baker, his mentor and partner. Ponch’s partner rotated a few times in the shows 6 year run but most episodes followed the pair doing their rounds along the LA freeways, solving car thefts and enjoying light-hearted activities, such as annoying their C.O. Oh, what fun.

Dax Shepherd, has side-stepped away from acting in recent years to write and direct a few shows but this is his first major feature and he’s bringing some big names along for the ride.

While he also takes on the role of Jon Baker, he will be joined by Michael Pena as Ponch, The OC‘s Adam Brody, Law and Order alumna Vincent D’Onofrio, and SNL favourite Maya Rudolph, among others.

Whether this movie will be an action comedy romp and join the ranks of Starsky and Hutch remains to be seen but seems quite likely knowing the soft touch approach the original series took to being a police procedural programme. Could this movie only raise the bar of drama the original lacked?

One thing I am interested to see is whether they’ll bring back the CHP cruisers made by Dodge or completely brand new bikes. And will it bring a resurgence to the large Aviator sunglasses that wreaked style havoc on the fashion world for so long? One can hope.

Dir: Dax Shepherd
Wri: Dax Shepherd
Starring: Dax Shepherd, Michael Pena, Adam Brody, Jessica McNamee, Vincent D’Onofrio, Maya Rudolph
Released: 11th August 2017

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