It seems that Paramount’s live-action Dungeons & Dragons may be directed by Nightwing’s Chris McKay.

Currently, the studio is working on plans to create a potential cinematic universe surrounding Hasbro toys, which would bring the table top role-playing game back to the big screen. So far, the plans include a world in which G.I. Joe, Micronauts (possibly Transformers) and maybe more, will coexist. One of the other projects in line for the universe is Dungeons & Dragons, which previously had its sights set on a 2021 release date.

However, for a project which is currently around three years away from hitting the big screen, there hasn’t been much news about the film. Joe Manganiello, who helped to develop the film’s script which came out of the Hasbro writers room, was the first to come on board, and now it seems that the project has taken another step forward in development by finding its director.

Variety has today reported that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is in negotiations to helm the project for Paramount, and should the deal be secured, he’ll be working off a script from The Conjuring 2’s David Leslie Johnson, which has been rewritten by Michael Gillio.

Dungeons & Dragons will reportedly be one of the first films to come from Hasbro’s new movie studio, AllSpark Pictures.

What will potentially disappoint many people, however, is the fact that McKay accepting this deal will likely mean a delay in the production of Nightwing, which the director has insisted Warner Bros. and DC are taking their time on.

More news of Chris McKay and Dungeons & Dragons when we have it.

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