For the past couple of weeks there have been some strong offerings coming forth from key comic publishers. From shocking revelations coming from the past to the darkness that lurks in the future-present, the titles that stand out from the rich offering that are currently sitting on the shelves at comic retailers is striving to make comics exciting again.


From 27 Sept 2017

action comics



The Oz Effect part two. As Superman struggles with the ramifications of Mr Oz’s identity, the mysterious figure’s origins and the long road to Superman’s doorstep finally reveal themselves.




batman beyond comic



Enter Batgirl Beyond! Batman and Bruce Wayne are away, so who’s left to protect Neo-Gotham? Meet Nissa, the seldom seen 15-year-old Batgirl of the future. Crime and corruption lead Commissioner Barbara Gordon to the lawless neighbourhood of Crown Point where she soon finds herself under siege.



murder machine



As the events of Dark Nights: Metal rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! Things are getting heavy as the World’s Greatest Heroes struggle to stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures.



detective comics



“A Lonely Place of Living” part one! Where is Tim Drake? Red Robin faces a crossroads…escape the most devious prison ever devised, or find himself abandoned beyond time and space for all eternity. Sounds bleak. But when he finds out just who’s locked in there with him, Tim’s world will change in ways he never imagined! This is one of the biggest stories of the Rebirth era, setting the stage for an explosive Detective Comics epic!


From 4 Oct 2017

war of jokes and riddles



‘The War of Jokes and Riddles’ finale. In Batman #24, the question was asked. In this issue, the answer is given. As the Riddler and The Joker desperately fight for supremacy in Gotham City, Batman reveals how far he had to go to end the war. Now knowing Batman’s greatest sin, Catwoman must make her decision: Will she marry Batman?



superman 32



‘Imperious Lex’ part two. As the conflict continues, Superman teams with Lex Luthor to bring peace to a leaderless and warring Apokolips as a new warrior enters the battlefield: Lois Lane, female fury. May Granny Goodness have mercy on all their souls.




all star batman



‘The First Ally’ finale. Batman is put to the ultimate test! Faced with either losing his future as Batman or the person he loves most, the Dark Knight must decide which ultimate price he is willing to pay.







‘Legacy’ part five. Sovereign has come, and she’s brought Olympus with her. The Great Darkness is growing, and it’s ready to consume the Earth-and the Justice League is missing! Batman, Wonder Woman and the future children of the Justice League must put aside their differences if the present and the future are to be saved. Sounds complicated, but oh so wicked.



green arrow metal


GREEN ARROW #32 (metal)

Dark Nights: Metal tie-in. ‘Gotham Resistance’ finale! The Gotham Resistance has fought its way through the lands of fire, poison, destruction and fear, but no one was ready for the craziest showdown of all: Green Arrow and Black Canary, whose eternal lovers’ quarrel goes medieval as the team marches into the hellish, mind-bending world of The Man Who Laughs to uncover the secret to defeating the hordes of the Dark Multiverse!



nightwing 30



‘Raptor’s Revenge’ part 1. Nightwing rejected Raptor’s offer to be his new protégé. And since he escaped prison months ago, Raptor has been making his plans to show Nightwing that if he didn’t want to Raptor as a mentor, he will get him as the worst enemy he has ever had. Now, Raptor is back in Bludhaven with secrets and a plan that will tear the city apart – and could put Nightwing out of commission forever.




avengers world's collide



Worlds Collide Part 1 – Following the events of Generations comes the long-promised clash between the Avengers and the Champions! The countdown has started as the High Evolutionary, a twisted scientist determined to create a better world at all costs, sets the Earth on a collision course with destruction! The Avengers and the Champions are ready to meet this threat – but will their first cataclysmic clash deter them from Changing the World? Generations assemble!





SCAR Squadron is back with their deadliest attack yet! The force is in flux with this one.








Maestro calls the tune! Nowhere is safe from the reach of the Maestro’s destructive plan. With the Hulk Gang carrying nukes across the continents, what hope is there for Logan to get there in time? There’s only one chance – to kill off this plot at the source. Snikt!





walking dead 172



‘Hilltop Reborn’ The Hilltop is rebuilt as other parts of the world are torn down.








New Story Arc! The mind-bending, time-warping adventure continues as intrepid newspaper deliverer Tiffany is launched from the prehistoric past into the year 2000! In this harrowing version of our past, Y2K was even more cataclysmic than experts feared, and the only person who can save the future is a 12-year old girl from 1988.




played with fire



The Millennium Saga continues with The Girl Who Played with Fire: The second chapter in Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novel series. In this comic adaptation, anarchist-hacker Lisbeth Salander finds herself on the run after being accused of triple-murder and only renowned journalist Mikael Blomkvist has the skills to help clear her name!

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