The key to a great science fiction graphic novel is world building – without that, many stories fall flat. This is something that Telikos Protocolcreators Peter Cooper (writer) and Adam Burns (artist) have exceeded themselves at, building up a picture of a futuristic Earth that could very well be real. Cooper, who began in special effects before working on such projects as Halo feature film Operation Chastity, has been writing for around four years in the sci-fi genre and this shows in the artful creation of the Telikos world. Burn also brings a wealth of experience to the project with years working in digital artwork (including work on the upcoming 2017 Wonder Woman movie), and a background in video games, his passion lies in 2D digital art and this can be seen in the intricate and unique artwork for Telikos Protocol that perfectly encapsulates the story.


Telikos Protocol is set on an Earth 300 years in the future, where humanity in on the verge of extinction due to the environmental collapse that has left Earth a barren landscape. For the remaining population, who have been driven underground, alien technology found beneath the oceans is their only remaining hope. However, when the aliens return to Earth the leave a city in ruin and only destruction in their wake. When all seems lost, the fate of the human race is left in the hands of three people – Steve Forrester, a soldier hate for a crime he did not commit, Lily Goldstein, his partner and scientist John Santilli. It is this narrative, following the group, that is so key to Telikos Protocol, as the human point of view influences the reader to believe what they believe, but also intrigues you in the way that you find out what is happening at the same time as the characters, adding to the drama and at some points even the suspense.

The graphic novel began as a Kickstarter campaign, and the story itself started off small, based around a small group of people in an abandoned city but as the issues have progressed, so has the world become larger and more detailed, and yet Burn’s artwork still manages to show the individualities to the biomechanical design of each of the characters (both human and alien) and their environment. On its surface the graphic novel is another ‘first contact’ story, where humanity meets an alien race and gets it wrong again – but there’s far more depth to the Telikos Protocol universe than that. And though Cooper and Burn recognise that it may seem like a standard sci-fi story at first, they implore readers to push on, as in the same way that the first three volumes of the Telikos pose a great many questions, the next three will be answering them. So far, Telikos Protocol has only three issues so far (as it is a side project for its creators at the moment it can take up to a year to print a single issue) available singularly or collected into the first volume of the story with fourth on its way, Cooper and Burn have planned for there to be nine issues in total, collecting them into three volumes.

Issue #1 Artwork by Adam Burn

Issue #1 Artwork by Adam Burn

When asked whether they’d like to see Telikos Protocol as a film, both Cooper and Burn agreed that they would, though it would require a very large budget. And, it’s fair to say that Telikos is a very cinematic graphic novel, and Cooper’s story combined with Burn’s artwork would create an excellent and unique sci-fi film, with wide appeal. While it might be a way off, fingers crossed that Telikos Protocolwill reach that height, as it would be great to see the story brought to life on the big screen.

Until then, you can enjoy the fantastic graphic novel that’s already available, and follow the story of the human race’s will to survive. And I recommend that you do.

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Telikos Protocol Vol.1 Artwork by Juan Carlos

Telikos Protocol Vol.1 Artwork by Juan Carlos

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