Finding that perfect mousepad is never easy. Especially one that meets your every need. Do you want something flashy, to impress those all-important people who come around to look at your gaming setup? How about something that lets your mouse quickly glide across the desk, firing the cursor across the screen? Maybe you want something that has a bit of grip, that you can feel in your every move. No matter what you want, here’s the pad for you with the brand new Cooler Master MP860.

As the name implies, the MP860 features two sides to meet any of your needs. One side is covered in cloth, allowing for a smooth flow, offering you all the speed you need. The other side offers anodized aluminium, designed in a way to offer up superior control.

Explaining this, Peripheral General Manager, Bryant Nguyen said:

Mousepads are mainly defined by their surface characteristics. To deliver the most in this crucial aspect, we have decided to design MP860 with two distinct surfaces to give end users a choice between smooth control or speed surface.

Naturally, the Cooler Master MP860 features 19 LEDS, offering up to 16.7 million colours. This gives you a veritable disco at your fingertips, one that you are fully able to sync with other selected Cooler Master peripherals. It’s connected by a 1.2 meter USB cable to supply the power.

Coolermaster MP860 Mousepad

It will also meet any size needs, coming in at 14.1cm x 10.2cm, with a varying height of 6mm to 1cm, it getting larger at the rear.

The MP860 will be available to buy here in the UK starting next month and it will be priced at £79.99.

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