Microsoft Studios has confirmed that they are no longer working with Crackdown creator Dave Jones on the third title.

Dave Jones, creator of Crackdown and developer Reagent Games, are reportedly no longer working on Crackdown 3. The news has come from an interview with head of Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty gave to Polygon, in which he confirmed that Microsoft is no longer working alongside Dave Jones or Reagent Games on the continued development of Crackdown 3. Instead, Booty said that the studio is “just working with Sumo [Digital] right now.”

In stranger news, so far as anyone can tell, Reagent Games seems to have closed its door a while ago, with no one at the company returning emails or phone calls and the studio’s Twitter hasn’t posted since January of last year when they asked software engineers to apply to work on Crackdown 3 – as well as this, very few people on social media are still referring to themselves as employees of Reagent Games. When Polygon reached out to one of the people still listed as an employee, they confirmed that they in fact no longer worked for the company.

As well as the loss of one of the lead developers on Crackdown 3, there’s also the matter of Cloudgine’s involvement – another company founded by Jones. Cloudgine was supposed to be the base of Crackdown’s destruction physics, however comments from Microsoft have led many to believe that the studio and Sumo Digital are no longer working with the technology, though Booty refused to comment directly on the situation.

Cloudgine’s technology has been acquired by Epic, so there’s no telling how this will affect the development of the third Crackdown instalment, as it’s possible that the game may have suffered a huge shift in design during development.

Crackdown 3 is still scheduled for release in February 2019, but with this news, we may see the release pushed back.

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