A new trailer for the DC crossover event, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ has detailed the alternate history of Earth-X, ahead of the premiere of the crossover next week.


This year’s crossover is set to be bigger and better than any before it, uniting characters from the four CW shows, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow in one event – unlike last year’s ‘Invasion!’ which didn’t really begin until the end of the first episode, and only brought over Kara Danvers to represent Supergirl. ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ will unite all the heroes of the multiverse against deadly alternate reality versions of themselves.

Previous trailers for the event have teased the alternate reality that created these villains, but the latest trailer introduces this alternate reality in a way that’s easily digestible for fans. Explained simply by Harry Wells in this new trailer, Earth-X is “basically our earth with one difference: the Nazis won the war.” And as such, the villainous versions of our heroes are actually fascists on Earth-X.

The DCTV crossovers have arguably struggled to introduce compelling antagonists, whereas the villains of ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ have built-in development as they’re evil versions of the heroes we know and love.

It remains to be seen whether this event will top those before it, however based on what those behind the scenes have said, this year’s event is more unified, with many labelling it a four-hour movie. With the crossover introducing so many elements, we will have to wait and see whether the shows can pull together in order to create a truly compelling event.

Crisis on Earth-X starts with Supergirl and Arrow on November 27th, and concludes with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on November 28th.


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