Making its debut in 1998, Danger Girl started as a comicbook from J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell. Focusing on the adventures of Danger Girl Freelance Operations Limited, an all-female group of spies, the series takes inspiration from Charlie’s Angels and James Bond, and has been so popular with fans that it is still releasing issues today.

Talk of a Danger Girl film adaptation began in 2010, with director Todd Lincoln and Hitman: Agent 47’s producer Adrian Askarieh attached. However, news of the project went quiet until November last year, when it was announced that Constantin Film had won the rights to the property and were in the midst of considering both a film and TV adaptation alongside Askarieh.

Finally it seems that progress is being made, as The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the Danger Girl script is to be penned by up-and-coming name in the business, Umair Aleem. Under his belt, Aleem currently has 2005 action-adventure Extraction, which starred Bruce Willis, and his thriller Kate, was recently purchased by Netflix.

With the current success of stylised thrillers like John Wick and Atomic Blonde, Danger Girl is certainly coming at the right time. As well as this, there’s plenty of demand for all-female films, especially in the comicbook and action genres, which have previous been a largely male-dominated affair.

More on Danger Girl when we have it.

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