The first teaser of Daredevil Season 3 has been released, and Matt Murdock is abandoning his identity.

The vigilante appears in a confessional, where he reveals that he doesn’t believe in the concept of justice which pushed him to become Daredevil in the first place.

Charlie Cox’s hero sits bleeding in the booth, confessing that, “I once believed that justice could be found in a court of law. And in the light of day. But I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds to darkness. And the truth is I’d rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock.”

The events of the Defenders finale have clearly changed Matt, as this doesn’t sound like the hero we knew before. Presumed dead by his friends, the final moments of Defenders saw Matt being cared for by nuns, and as you can see in the teaser above, his near-death experience has changed him – and possibly not for the better.

This teaser also suggests that the recent fan speculation that the third season will be based on Frank Miller’s Born Again story arc, is in fact correct. In this series, Kingpin uses his connections to frame Matt and destroy his life, and this is looking more likely since it was confirmed that Vincent D’Onofrio will once again reprise his villainous role.

The cast of Daredevil will be making an appearance at New York Comic Con, where fans are eagerly hoping for an official premiere date for Season 3.

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