Greetings  SBOCateers, this weekend the team is exhibiting at Play Expo Manchester 2017 and there just so happens to be a tonne of awesome games being shown. From Indies to AAA titles, we’ve got you covered for all the gaming goodies throughout the weekend. Stay Tuned!

Today, at Play Expo Manchester 2017, madness descended. The Dark Room is the world’s first live-action video game which mixes interactivity, improvisational comedy and a good heaping of madness.

The series started out on YouTube back in 2012 as an interactive video series but is now setting its sights on bigger things. Helmed by comedian, author and columnist John Robertson, The Dark Room is a live experience in which the audience plays through the show/game.

Taking to the stage dressed as some sort of techno-barbarian, Robertson immediately sets the scene for what is to come by berating the children in the audience and showing off the less than acceptable prizes on offer. Selecting a member from the audience each time to run through his text-based adventure game, Robertson riffs and skits around the responses from the audience. It’s Robertson who is the main attraction here, his quick wit and electric stage prescience immediately pushing the audience onto level pegging. I was struck by how hungry the audience were to interact with the show. Often times with this sort of thing members of the crowd will do everything and anything to avoid the attention of the host but here they were practically throwing themselves at him.

The show lasts a full hour but certainly doesn’t feel like it which is surprising given the cyclical nature of the core-game. It really cannot be stressed enough just how endearing the main man is throughout, giving off the vibe of a stand-up comedian with the performance quality of a professional theatre actor. The jokes hit hard and span a wide variety of subjects including Stalinism and pineapple puns. Saying anything else would be giving away to much so the best way to check out what The Dark Room has in store is to experience it yourself. There are shows planned throughout the weekend and you can head over to the website for more details, and I absolutely implore you to.

Stay tuned for more of what Play Expo has in store.


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