Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, has confirmed that he regrets not making the Joker the film’s main villain.

The third film of DC’s Extended Universe hit theatres in August last year, and though it pulled in an impressive $745 million, it was met with largely negative critical reviews. It’s now considered one of the weakest DCEU movies to date by critics, and among the major criticisms, were a forgettable antagonist in the form of Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress, and choppy editing which was the result of massive changes made to the film during post-production – not unlike the issues facing Justice League at the moment.

However, the biggest controversy among fans was the reduced role of Jared Leto’s Joker. Trailers leading up to the film’s release suggested that Leto’s character would be a major presence in the film, but when audiences finally saw the story on the big screen, they were disappointed that the Joker’s role had been significantly cut down in the editing room.

Leto himself would later confirm that there were a number of scenes that he filmed which didn’t find their way into the finished product – something which David Ayer seemed to refute on Twitter. When a fan asked about a behind-the-scenes picture of Harley Quinn in a previously unseen costume, in amongst his reply, the director stated “there’s maybe a few minutes shot with Jared. There are not endless Joker scenes under guard somewhere. Sorry.”

Just hours later, Ayer got even more candid with his followers, stating that he regrets not making the Joker Suicide Squad’s “main bad guy.”

Ayer shared a similar message earlier this year, when he tweeted that he wished he had a time machine so he could go back and make the film again, but this time as a more grounded story featuring Joker as the big bad.

The director isn’t shy about stating his regrets over his first DCEU project, but he might well be able to redeem himself if his planned Gotham City Sirens film gets the green light, which we’ve heard little about since it was confirmed to be in development in August.


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