The Justice League has faced evil doppelgängers before, but none like Bryce Wayne, the female Batman trying to take over the world in Batman: The Drowned.

She’s just one of the many evil Batmen and Batwomen who have appeared in DC’s massive METAL blockbuster, an event that’s already seen the Justice League chased from their own universe, leaving these evil Bat-imposters to attack. In the case of Bryce Wayne a.k.a. ‘The Drowned’ her attack involves submerging Aquaman’s hometown of Amnesty Bay underwater, and turning Queen Mera into a zombiefied monster.

Bruce Wayne’s story is already a tragic one – but METAL won’t be outdone, going one giant leap further, positing that Brue is the result of his parents’ death. And more horrifying than this, METAL makes real the questions that no one has ever dared ask, like: What if Batman turned himself into Doomsday? What if Batman stole The Flash’s speed? What if Batman had become The Joker?

The invading ‘Dark Knights’ have answered these questions – and Bryce Wayne answers a question few fans have ever asked: What if Bruce Wayne was a woman?

Many would think that perhaps we would end up with a hero much like Batwoman, however, according to Dan Abnett and Philip Tan, what we actually get is a Batwoman who wages war on Atlantis, gained the powers of Aquaman, and murdered a planet to avenge the death of her lover – Catman.

So, dramatic, much like her male counterpart.

bryce wayne

Bryce Wayne’s debut revealed that she hails from Earth -11, another of the dark, tortured and doomed realities of DC’s Dark Multiverse. We get little of her origin story, but it’s safe to assume that it follows the same path as Bruce’s – her love for a man cemented her path to darkness. That man, was ‘Sylvester Kyle’, confirming that the genders of iconic DC characters are swapped on Earth -11. Sylvester’s murder at the hands of ‘rogue metas’ sent Bryce on a mission of vengeance, slaughtering every superhuman criminal responsible.

Batman: The Drowned #1 is available now.


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