The upcoming DC Metropolis series is being put on the fast-track, with filming set to begin in New York in June.

It’s been around a year since DC announced that they were going to start their own streaming service, and so far, most of the buzz for the project has centred around Titans, which will launch later this year. However, this won’t be the only new live-action offering from the service, as DC recently announced that they are making a Metropolis series.

The series will follow in the same vein as Syfy’s Krypton, as it explores an iconic Superman setting, without the Man of Steel. Instead, Metropolis itself will be in the spotlight, with the show being led by Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, as they each explore super-science in the City of Tomorrow.

Omega Underground has reported that this year will see filming begin on Metropolis in New York, likely from June until December. At the moment, however, there’s no news as to how the series will be released on the streaming platform – they may take a leaf out of Netflix’s book and release all episodes at once, or (more likely) they will release the episodes weekly as they do with other DC shows.

Titans and Metropolis aren’t the only series coming to DC’s streaming platform, as they will also release Season 3 of Young Justice, as well as the animated Harley Quinn TV series which is currently underway. It’s likely that the service won’t release all their content at once, and given Metropolis is the last of the four to begin production, it will probably be the last of the series to drop.

Though we know very little of Metropolis’ content, the series will share creative connections to Gotham. Executive producers Danny Cannon and John Stephens will oversee the project, with Cannon directing the pilot, and Stephens writing it. Hopefully, with filming set to begin in a few months, we shouldn’t have to wait long for casting news.

More on Metropolis when we have it.

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