Now that Dead By Daylight is three months old since its initial release, the developers have finally come out with the games first downloadable content titled ‘The Last Breath Chapter‘.

Dead by Daylight is a third person survival game consisting of either four survivors or one killer. survivors job is to sneak past the killer and turn on five generators randomly located around the map to find the exit in order to win. The killer’s job is to hunt down the survivors and hang them on hooks to be offered as a sacrifice in order to win.

The Last Breath Chapter includes a new survivor to play as called ‘Nea’, whose speciality is to regain balance from falling off tall ledges, increased speed when crouch walking, and her consumption rate of items are reduced allowing everything to last longer.

The New Killer that comes with the DLC is ‘The Nurse‘, which freakishly looks like something that came out of Silent Hill. Her weapon of choice is a bone-saw that goes in hand with her ability called ‘blink’. Blink allows the nurse to teleport in a straight line as she passes through obstacles, walls and even through other survivors allowing her to be quick on her toes when it comes to pursuing anything that breathes. She can also see red silhouettes of injured survivors through objects and the trail of blood that they leave behind.

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The DLC includes a new map, ‘The Asylum’, which holds all the archetypal characteristics of a derelict nut house with various rooms and tall ledges to fall from. The Asylum can be found enshrouded with the woods and fog making it to look like the creepiest map so far in the game.

DLC First Impressions:
Playing as the Nurse is tough, despite the use of her ‘blink’ teleportation skill. It is tricky to get used to because you have to anticipate how long should you hold down the mouse button equal to how far you will travel. Occasionally you will teleport straight past the survivors. The problem lies in the side effect of using ‘blink’, where you would go through an animation where they stopped at, look down and shake her head, indicating their exhaustion. This in turn made the gameplay harder as you ‘blink’ towards fleeing survivors and wait for the animation cycle before you can start chasing them again, by this time they are already far away or out of sight.

Playing as the survivor Nea is far easier to control. She is faster in her movements and dropping from ledges with quick recovery made her movement simpler to handle especially while being chased. Though you personally may not feel any difference in her crouch walking speed compared to other survivors.

Playing as both new characters in the new map asylum makes the gameplay much scarier, especially when you try to evade the killer and manoeuvre your way around the building. Making sharp turns in and out of rooms as the killer can feel clunky and tough and slow you down. However, it can be a safe haven when playing as a survivor as you quickly vault over window holes and drop down ledges allowing for a quicker escape.

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What The Last Breath has brought to the game does is a strong enough reason to play just to trial out the new characters and explore the eerie aspects and environments, such as The Asylum. The developers have showed us in this DLC that they have the potential to input more creativity into future content for this game.

Have you guys played the DLC?, Did you enjoy it or was it too scary for you to pick up? Let us know in the comments below.

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