Coming hot off Deadpool 2, David Leitch is in early talks to direct the remake of the original 1973 martial arts classic, Enter the Dragon which made Bruce Lee an icon.

The original film was a global hit from Hong Kong, marked was tragedy as its release followed the tragic news of Lee’s death.

In Enter the Dragon, a Shaolin martial artist is made to enter a karate tournament on the island owned by the secretive Han, who’s suspected of using this gathering as a way to smuggle drugs around the world. The protagonist is motivated by revenge, as he learns that his sister fought for her life on the island and eventually killed herself rather than be raped by a group of Han’s men.

Leitch’s previous credits line up fairly well, including director of Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde, co-director of John Wick, and second unit director on films like Jurassic World and Captain America: Civil War – so filming fight scenes is already second nature.

Still, the question remains – why remake such an iconic film at all?

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