Behind closed doors a few nights ago the sequel to one of this years finest action/comedies, Deadpool, was green lit and now fans worldwide have gone wild.

We knew it was going to happen. By the number of fans, audiences numbers, cinema takings and adoration for the movies love of crass behaviour, crude language and uber-violence it was inevitable.

As of right now there are no firm details on the story or its direction but we do know that Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller are set to return, which should put a smile on peoples faces. Also making a welcome return are writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who gave us many laughs and great action sequences the first time around. We hope they are given what felt like carte blanch to do as they saw right last time one again.

When a movie of this size and greatness sets its sights on stardom and popularity the word “hype” is thrown around a lot. It can be a killer if the movie turns out to be a travesty, but the big guns at Fox developed a wonderful marketing campaign that saw Reynolds dressed in his full red and black outfit to deliver a series of semi-comedic promotional videos on various subjects, from “getting to your junk checked” to celebrating Australia Day. And it worked! Over-hype wasn’t a thing because we already knew what to expect and how great it was going to be.

What fans (and myself) are hoping to see is who will be playing Cable. Fan favourite is Stephen Lang, known for his acclaimed performance in Avatar, Terra Nova, Tombstone (1993), and many more, who not only looks the part, he can play the part. Including Cable could mean that Fox will also put in him their scheduled X-Force movie but seeing how Lang’s dance card is going to be quite full with returning to the Avatar universe as Colonel Quaritch (how? Quaritch died) in the sequels it’s likely that he’ll be unavailable. We can hope he won’t be.

hot-Stephen-Lang-stephen-lang-35511234-369-500 morena_baccarin deadpool_s_colossus___transparent_background__by_camo_flauge-d9rekum

X-mutants Colossus and Teenage Negasonic Warhead made their appearances alongside Deadpool in a few scenes too. If they do not come back who would you like to see pair up with Wade and co. this time? Will we get to see the sultry Morena Baccarin return as Wade’s girlfriend, Vanessa Carlyle, or her other incarnation? (read a comic!) It’s all too soon to say.

Deadpool 2 is earmarked to be released next year. We hope that will be enough time for Reynolds, Miller, Reese and Wernick to deliver another fun tale for us to salivate over.

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