Only last week we were subjected to the first image of Domino, one of Deadpool’s partners in crime in the sequel to his eponymous first film, and now Ryan Reynolds has given us a glimpse at another mutant…the one they call Cable.


We like.

Some fans were more curious when Josh Brolin was cast due to him also portraying Thanos, another iconic Marvel character in Marvel/Disney’s third Avengers film Infinity War. Right now, it doesn’t really matter, does it, ’cause look how awesome and wonderful he looks.

Cable’s history with the Merc with a Mouth is a long and arduous one that began all the way back in New Mutants #98, where they first met and grappled guns but it was in the shared title Cable and Deadpool that the duo’s friendship came to the front and the odd respect and trust they had for each other was realised. A tenuous bromance was born.

Now with Cable’s addition to the sequel and Brolin’s incredible acting range (why would you doubt him? He’s a Goonie!) this is sure to make for an incredible sequel.

If Fabian Niceiza is happy with the image then so should we. He has written more Cable stories than anyone else on the planet. In Fabian we trust.

Deadpool 2 is released June 1st 2018

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