Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll has lined up her next job – as Dungeon Master in an upcoming Geek & Sundry series.

Woll will star in and produce Relics and Rarities, an upcoming Geek & Sundry series on Alpha, where she will lead a D&D campaign as Dungeon Master and storyteller.

Geek & Sundry’s description of the show reads: “Set in a mysterious curio shop in the sleepy town of Bellbrook, Relics and Rarities combines gripping storytelling, thrilling gameplay, and a dash of the unknown as the cast complete puzzles, fulfil missions, and wield their chosen relics in a way that fans of RPG shows have never seen, and fans who are not familiar with the RPG format can easily step into. Part procedural, part game, and part graphic adventure, the show is sure to ignite the imaginations of fans across genres.”

The weekly episodic series will debut in February 2019, and will include celebrity players like Tommy Walker (Daredevil), Julia Dennis (Lofty Dreams), Jasmine Bhullar (Twitch’s ThatBronzeGirl) and Xander Jeanneret (King of Nerds).

Woll said of the project, “I’m so excited to finally announce my new show, Relics and Rarities.We’ve assembled a stellar creative team, along with amazingly intricate set design, props and puzzles, a hilarious and surprising cast – and an original world and campaign of my own creation.”

Relics and Rarities hits Alpha in February 2019.

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